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Intranet Foundation System
Patient Appointment Calendar, Patient Information Center, Announcement Posting, Poll Application...

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Intranet Applications
Transcription Management System, EOB Management, Medical Scanning Module, Report, Repository Module, Employee Time-Sheet ...

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BarCode System
Easily create computer generated patient chart labels that allow for easy tracking of the chart's location by a simple check-out and check-in process.

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LAN WAN and VPN Solutions

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Welcome to ALZ, Inc.

ALZ, Inc. is a web based EMR Solution provider and much more. Our applications are inspired by our clients with ease of use built-in. In addition to our wide varity of existing modules, customized solutions can be tailored specifically to accomodate the needs of your facility.

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Appointment Calendar Easily and securely access your patient appointment schedule from anywhere

Information Center Secure online access to detailed information on any patient.

Announcement Posting An effective and easy-to-use means of effectively communiicating with physicians and staff.
New products- ALZ-Inc
Medical Reports Application

Easily view, expand, update and create reports from you practice management data.

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