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Harnessing Web Technologies for Medical Practices

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Intranet Foundation System
Patient Appointment Calendar, Patient Information Center, Announcement Posting, Poll Application...

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Intranet Applications
Transcription Management System, EOB Management, Medical Scanning Module, Report, Repository Module, Employee Time-Sheet ...

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BarCode System
Easily create computer generated patient chart labels that allow for easy tracking of the chart's location by a simple check-out and check-in process.

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LAN WAN and VPN Solutions

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  • Intranet Foundation System Contains: Patient Appointment Calendar, Patient Information Center, Announcement Posting, Poll Application. etc.

  • Enterprise Calendar Multi-user Enterprise scheduler. Contains a MS Outlook Plug-in that allows synching the appointments with MS Outlook.

  • EOB Management Allows for easy electronic storage and retrieval of both HIPAA ANSI 835 electronic remittance files and regular paper EOB

  • Transcription Management System Makes managing your dictations (whether in-house typed or outsourced) a snap!

  • Clinical Scanning Module This module manages scanned documents and allows retrieval of specific patient's document from within his account in "Patient Information Center".

  • Report Repository Module This module stores daily close reports in PDF format and give authorized individuals secure (SSL) access to them through a calendar view interface. Other reports can be stored in the same manner.

  • Time-Sheet This module replaces antiquated bunch-card machines and gives users and managers easy view of current and historical time-sheets. This module can export data in several formats that then can be imported to different payroll systems.

  • BarCode Label Creator This module interfaces with many medical billing programs (such as Medical Manager ) and allows printing barcode labels that can be used for several purposes such as medical chart files and samples containers.

  • BarCode Scanner This module works with the BarCode Label Creator and allows for tracking the movements of the charts or samples. Comes with one hand-held scanner.

  • Custom Web Applications We work with your practice on converting many (or all) office generated forms into web-forms. This brings your office closer towards a paperless operation and lessons the amount of scanning needed to maintain a complete Electronic Medical Chart.

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