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Employee Time Sheet   
Intranet Applications
Transcription Management System, EOB Management, Medical Scanning Module, Report, Repository Module, Employee Time-Sheet ...

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Transcription Management System
Dictate using your computer or dictaphone and send recordings to typist via email

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EOB Management
Allows for easy electronic storage and retrieval of both HIPAA ANSI 835 electronic remittance files and regular paper EOB

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Medical Scanning Module
Allows for scanning and storage of any clinical related documents as well as providing SECURE access of these scanned documents through the web.

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Report Repository Module
A tool that allows saving reports (such as daily close) to the web in PDF format.

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Medical Reporter
Easily view, expand, update and create reports from your practice management data.

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Enterprise Calendar
Manage your appointments through an easy to use web interface; you can export your appointments to MS Outlook and download them into your palm device.

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Custom Web Applications
We have a massive amount of other customized applications that fulfill all your needs.

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Employee Time Sheet

Employee Time Sheet is an easy-to-use, web-based time tracking tool. It replaces antiquated bunch-card machines and gives users and managers easy view of current and historical time-sheets. It ensures accurate time entry by employees, in a fraction of the time required by manual or spreadsheet-based timesheets. This module can export data in several formats that then can be imported to different payroll systems.

Key Features

- Track employee hours accurately and reduces time misappropriation like long lunches, late arrivals and early departures.
- Web-based intranet timesheets, which does not require internet connection.
- Reduce labor costs.
- Reduce timesheet review.
- Comments describing work performed associated with time entry
- Uses server time to log employees sign in/out times and keeps record of original sign in/out times while allowing employees to modify their times
- Saves employee the time of calcualting elapsed time between sign in and sign out times; it also calculates their break times
- Generate administration reports through any web browser
- Easy management approval process which fits your organization needs
- Company Definable Timesheet Periods (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, etc.)
- Uses secure login and access permissions.
- Could be accessed from the internet and keeps track of IP addresses to know from where the employee signed her time.

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