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BarCode Scanner   
BarCode System
Easily create computer generated patient chart labels that allow for easy tracking of the chart's location by a simple check-out and check-in process.

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BarCode Label Creator Computer generated file labels eliminate the need for individual numbers

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BarCode Scanner

Provides a practice, especially those with multiple locations, to easily track where their patients’ medical records are.
Easy to learn and use and assists in meeting HIPAA requirements.

Electronic Request for Medical Record File

All staff with intranet access can request a medical record simply by completing a short request form which is electronically sent to the Records Department. The chart is then logged "out" and sent to the requestor.

Scan Records Out and In

Use any hand held scanner to read label's barcodes (instead of typing) that you wish to scan in or out and specify where they are going if checking out.

Record Tracking

Easily locate any patient chart history to view the ‘record trail’ of who had it and when they had it.

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