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BarCode Label Creator   
BarCode System
Easily create computer generated patient chart labels that allow for easy tracking of the chart's location by a simple check-out and check-in process.

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BarCode Scanner easily track where patientsí medical records are at all times. Easy to learn and use and assists in meeting HIPAA requirements

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BarCode Label Creator

The BarCode Label Creator and BarCode Scanner can greatly enhance your practice productivity.


The BarCode Label Creator interfaces with your practice management program and prints labels for all your patients.
  • You can print labels in three ways:
    • By Appointment date
    • By Creation date
    • By selecting individual accounts.

  • You can customize the label's
    • Colors
    • Dimensions
    • Information printed on label
    • BarCode Type
  • Why do you need Barcode Label Creator?
    • It interfaces with your existing/legacy practice management program, like Medical Manager ©
    • It eliminates the need for individual numbering, saving staff tedious hours!
    • It allows easy addition or deletion of labels to be printed.The user can easily identify the labels that were printed and the ones that are still to be created.
    • It provides a fast way for printing individual labels by simply inputting the patient account number(s) and then clicking print.
    • It prints a bar code that can be utilized with the BarCode Scanner system if you choose to expand the service..

Once the BarCode Label Creator is in place, you can add the BarCode Scanner at a later date.

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